Why do we care a lot about work out?

First: Sport is very important for physical health, as it strengthens the muscles, gives vitality to the joints and bones, removes back pain, strengthens the heart and regulates its beat, also stimulates blood circulation and reduces pressure, diabetes and osteoporosis diseases, and it also reduces heart attacks and sudden death by 35% among people.

Second: One of the most important advantages of sport is improving the general mood, as well as avoiding or greatly reducing psychological and daily stresses, whether work pressures or social, financial and environmental pressures, as they increase happiness rates in general.

Third: Sport helps you improve the quality of deep sleep, which thus maintains nervous, muscular and psychological balance, and contributes to fighting many diseases.

Fourth: Sport helps you endure the hardships of life, relieves daily pain resulting from health and environmental problems, as well as prevents falls, raises the level of endurance and coexistence with reality, improves blood flow to the brain, and helps you activate memory and maintain brain health.

Fifth: Numerous studies have shown that exercise gives you a   healthy body away from chronic and distressing diseases, and also reduces the consumption of many medicines and their side effects. And lead to the vital longevity of a person.

With only a few minutes; From 30 to 45 minutes of average exercise per day, such as walking, is enough to avoid all health problems, and gives you the advantages mentioned previously, simple healthy habits such as continuous walking, although they do not cost you anything, but they keep you healthy.

We wish everyone good health and wellness
Your health matters to us
And stay safe

Dr. Issam Mardini
Consultations orthopedics joints and fractures
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