osteoporotic vertebral fractures

One of the most common injuries of the vertebrae in the elderly is vertebral compression fractures, which occur as a result of osteoporosis, as the patient suffers from many complications due to these fractures with the inability to move and exposure to bed sores and sometimes lung infections, and may be exposed to clots as a result of immobility, as well as an increase in Fragility and pain resulting from any movement.

Among the most important causes of fractures; Lifting a weight in the wrong way or falling to the ground sitting, and in cases of severe osteoporosis, just strong coughing and sneezing may occur in one of the vertebrae.

Treatment may take from two to three months for the fracture to heal, and it is necessary to follow the doctor’s advice in order to avoid complications, and sometimes we resort to surgery to treat fractures, and the cement needle inside the vertebra is one of the most important surgeries used in similar cases as it helps to move quickly and avoid a lot of complications and problems, so we always call for maintaining bone health, strengthening the skeleton, and taking all precautions and preventive measures to avoid osteoporosis. The most important of these measures are:

  • sun exposure
  • Eat plenty of calcium and vitamin D
  • Maintaining an ideal weight
  • Walking daily for about an hour
  • Not lifting weights in the wrong way
  • Avoid falls

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