How to improve physical and mental health?

If you are looking for good physical and mental health, I am pleased to give you a few tips for daily practices that maintain your physical and mental health regularly. You will notice a clear difference after applying it to your life!

First: Doing regular exercise, as it has been proven that exercising from 30 to 45 minutes a day improves the general mood and the brain secretes endorphins, which raise your level of happiness.

Second: relaxation; Try to allocate time daily to relax, even for 15 minutes, such as doing yoga exercises or taking a hot bath, in addition to going to bed early to get enough rest and sleep deeply.

Accustom yourself to find a quiet and comfortable place, relax in it, close your eyes and take a deep breath in from the nose and exhale from the mouth for 5 to 10 minutes a day, preferably before sleeping and after relaxing.

Third: Follow a good and healthy diet, in which you stay away from fast food and smoking, as well as carbonated water, alcohol, and all hydrogenated and processed foods, and increase fresh fruits and vegetables and white meat as much as possible, such as chicken breasts and fish, while reducing red meat.

Fourth: Try to slow down the pace of your life, such as driving your car slowly, going to your workplace early, and avoiding stress as much as possible. Relax a little before work, and stay away from provocative people, unpleasant news, and if you encounter a problem; Talk about it with your friends or the owners of the problem, and quickly solve it instead of keeping it and pressuring yourself a lot. Don’t forget to take breaks between working hours. All this reduces the effects of mental and physical stress on you.

Finally: allocate enough time for a hobby you love and practice it no matter how long you cut it off, such as drawing, playing music, going on an exploratory trip, or even doing something you love, even for the first time.

We wish everyone good health and wellness
Your health matters to us
And stay safe

Dr. Issam Mardini
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