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Do you suffer from pain in the hip or in the hip joint when sitting for a long time? Is the pain when getting up from sitting? Or while walking where it prevents you from walking for a long time?

In this article, I will mention 10 causes of hip pain, and in these cases you should consult a doctor to give you the appropriate treatment.

First: Synovial sac inflammation, which is very common. It comes as a result of inflammation in the synovial sacs located at both ends of the hip joints, and the reason for that is pressure on them when sleeping for a long time on one side, whether on the right or left side, as well as sitting on soft and very low couches for long periods, as if You watch TV, and it may cause hip pain.

Second: The cause may be inflammation or degeneration of the joint itself, such as erosion of the cartilage lining the joint, and it abounds in cases of rheumatism and rheumatic conditions associated with such joints.

Third: Rheumatoid arthritis, which may not appear in x-rays sometimes, especially at the beginning of the disease. It is usually accompanied by rheumatic infections in other joints in the body, causing severe pain in the hip joint.

Fourth: Pain in the hip joint may be due to inflammation of the sciatica nerve, either as a result of pressure on the nerve or as a result of a disc in the lower spine, which causes severe pain in the hip joint that increases with walking.

Fifth: Hip pain may be the result of a fracture in the neck of the thigh. The fracture does not appear on the first x-ray.

Sixth: There may be a dislocation of the hip joint, as these cases abound in young people with large weights or in young children as a result of birth problems that appear when walking or when exercising and cause a lot of pain.

Seventh: Children may suffer from hip problems, especially from birth, or diseases called atrophy in the head of the femur, and these are many in the first days of life and appear at the beginning of walking and cause pain to the child and a limp while walking.

Eighth: There is cartilage in the form of a ring or corona around the hip joint, and it contributes to the stability of the joint. It wears out and causes severe pain in the hip joint.

Ninth: The joint may be sprained, stretched, or torn in the ligaments or muscles surrounding it during sports, especially during violent sports such as football.

Tenth, this joint may be exposed to bacterial inflammation that contains pus that causes severe pain. We see this condition more often in children, as a result of other infections in the body that may move to this joint, or it may become inflamed directly as a result of an accident or injury, and water collects in it. This later caused severe pain and inability to move.

Among the most important tips in such cases: complete rest, put cold water compresses, take some simple analgesics, then see the doctor as soon as possible in order to properly diagnose your condition and give you the appropriate treatment, and in the event that hip pain is in children; You should not wait and consult a doctor immediately.

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