What is the risk of complications from osteoporosis?

One of the most important problems that a patient with osteoporosis suffers from is back pain, muscle weakness, joint stiffness, and the inability to perform daily duties. Especially in the places where they occur, as they abound in the neck of the thigh and wrist, and the most dangerous of them are vertebral fractures.

Vertebrae fractures cause severe pain for the patient along the back, especially in the middle, and these fractures may be highly compressive as they affect the nerves and the spinal cord and may cause paralysis in one or all of the limbs, and prevent the patient from moving completely, as the fracture can be In the thoracic vertebrae, it leads to a large convexity in the back, in a way that impedes the patient’s movement and raising the head up, and causes severe pain. Among some of the problems of vertebral fractures is that they lead to short stature, and it seems noticeable to a large extent in the elderly who suffer from compression fractures in the dorsal vertebrae.

As for the complications of osteoporosis fractures, especially those that occur in the femoral neck; It leads to a very large increase in the possibility of death in the first year after the fracture, and the percentage may exceed 25% to 50%, and it causes many cases of death because this type of fracture is in addition to the problems of very slow fracture healing and the problems of fractures that occur from clots and the inability to Movement, it also leads to ulcers in the patient’s bed, and thus the occurrence of infections and then death very quickly, and if it does not lead to death, it may lead to permanent disability, inability to move and the suffering of the patient for a long period of time.

Pay attention to osteoporosis, especially osteoporosis fractures. Maintain your health and be careful to prevent infection through healthy food, exercise, and good sleep.

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