cracking knuckles

It is a habit practiced by many people, it may be painful for some and not painful for the majority, as some claim to feel comfortable after practicing this deliberate method.

This crack has several reasons, including the popping of some gas bubbles inside the joint resulting from nitrogen gas, and when moving the joint, these bubbles pop and make a sound, and the cause is sometimes the movement of tendons and ligaments and sliding over each other during movement to make a sound, and there are many theories explaining this phenomenon.

In fact, it has not been proven that the repetition of this cracking causes inflammation in the joints, but some pain may occur due to the pressure that some put on the joint to cause the desired cracking, and if the person suffers from dry joints such as smokers, alcohol consumers, or those who suffer from a lack of vitamin “D” Or calcium deficiency, in this case the pain increases and inflammation in the joints may occur.

To get rid of this habit, the hand or foot can be placed in relatively hot water and then massaged with any joint ointment available, with some light exercise constantly until the joints soften and the cracking decreases.

So there is no fear of cracking fingers or knuckles, but try hard not to be hard on your body and joints and keep your body healthy and in good shape and stay safe.

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