Knee roughness treatment in five steps:

  • Physiotherapy: It is very important that we go to a specialist in physical therapy – under the doctor’s instructions – in order to conduct knee treatment sessions for a period of not less than 3-6 weeks.
  • Using some analgesics and non-steroidal antibiotics, such as ibuprofen, some ointments, gels, and topical items such as medical bandages and hot compresses.
  • Injection of cortisone into the knee: It is a solution that the doctor may resort to, especially if there is a lot of fluid or swelling in the knee, and this reduces inflammation and helps to remove pain quickly.
  • Plasma platelet injection a number of times (from three to five times) once a week, in the event that the patient did not improve after the previous procedures and two or three months have passed, and plasma injection helps to restore roughness, relieve pain and help the patient to recover.
  • Stem cell therapy: These are reparative cells that we take from the fat in the abdominal wall or in the bone marrow, extract them, and then transfer them by injection into the knee for treatment. It gives very impressive results, but we leave this method for cases that do not respond to the first treatment steps that we mentioned.

Because prevention is better than cure; You can avoid knee roughness by drinking plenty of pure water, avoiding smoking, and maintaining an ideal weight while following proper sitting positions.

And stay safe

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