Top 7 benefits of walking

Walk every day for 45 minutes; And you will get these seven benefits for sure!

First: Walking improves blood circulation and reduces heart and arterial problems and the death rate.

Second: It relieves back pain, especially the lower back, and improves the body’s overall strength.

Third: It improves joint movement, removes roughness and stiffness, and restores softness and natural movement.

Fourth: Daily walking prevents osteoporosis, improves bone strength and density, in addition to improving bone mass in the body.

Fifth: Walking treats stress and depression, calms and relieves the soul, and improves your mental state.

Sixth: One of the important things for walking on a daily basis is that it greatly reduces the risk of developing diabetes, as it is a successful treatment for diabetics, because it stimulates blood circulation and maintains the balance of blood sugar and the normal level of cholesterol.

Seventh: Walking activates blood circulation in the brain. Thus, it greatly reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, especially in older people.

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Dr. Issam Mardini
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