Coccyx pain (tailbone)

Coccyx pain affect the last bones of the spine and the ligaments and soft tissues around it near the anal area, and it is called the tailbone. The most common cause is when the patient falls in a seated position on a hard object, such as falling off the stairs. As well as doing jobs require sitting for long periods on a hard surface, such as bus drivers or truck drivers, and university students are affected when they sit on wooden benches for long periods. Pain may sometimes occur after obstructed deliveries, especially if instruments such as forceps or an obstetric suction are used. The pain is very severe if the patient suffers from constipation, during menstruation, or when standing after a long sitting, and the pain continues for a long time.


It is possible that the pain will go away on its own after a period of time, but it can also last for several months and needs medical treatment.

Some of the things that help relieve pain:

  • Sitting on a sponge cushion that resembles a ring
  • Use of relatively hot water baths
  • Doing squats several times a day
  • Take some painkillers and anti-inflammatories
  • Physiotherapy is very useful, especially training in pelvic floor muscle relaxation exercises as you do during defecation
  • In very few cases, we do manual therapy by massaging the muscles attached to the tailbone and you need general anesthesia to do this.
  • It may sometimes help to inject a local anesthetic with some cortisone

We rarely need surgical removal of this bone if necessary and all treatment attempts failed.

Also, consulting a doctor is very necessary to rule out many other problems that cause similar pain to this condition, such as those related to fistula, anal fissure, hair cyst, hemorrhoids, and others.

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