Heberden’s nodes

Do you know what Heberden’s nodes are?

In fact, they are small bony growths, about the size of a sesame seed, that appear on the outskirts of the phalanx joints in the fingers of the hand, especially in the last phalanx, and may cause a lot of pain at first, but these pains gradually fade with the passage of time and nodes remain, and the most common cause of this problem It is arthritis and is accompanied by osteoporosis.

Heberden’s nodes often indicate the presence of inflammation in the joints and osteoporosis, and the reason is most often due to the friction of the two ends of the bone at the joint. It affects many people in middle age or at the end of middle age, for example, over the age of fifty and it is unfortunate that surgical treatment It may not help much except in rare cases when the pain is very severe, because in most cases it returns again within six months of surgery, so we do not prefer surgical treatment.

It is preferable to undergo physiotherapy and constantly move the fingers, and not use the hand in harsh movements, so that we relax the hand as much as possible. It is possible to put the hand in warm water when feeling pain, and take non-steroidal antibiotics, and thus the pain will lessen with time, God willing, but movement is the best thing to maintain the flexibility of the joints.

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