Spinal disc herniation

Many people suffer from disc problems in the neck or lumbar vertebrae in the lower back, and the pain may last for a long time. But are all of them considered serious cases?!

actually no; As 90% of disc and herniated disc cases are not dangerous, and they do not need more than physical therapy, some exercises, analgesics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to recover from their cases.

On the other hand, there are some critical or severe cases that require quick and direct medical intervention, and they represent about 10% of disc cases, and 2% of them may need surgical intervention, which is considered a very small percentage.

In this article, we mention to you some important signs that require you to go to the doctor immediately:

  • If the patient suddenly suffers from difficulty urinating or defecate during a disc injury.
  • Increased numbness or loss of sensation in one or all of the limbs, or loss of sensation in the pubic area.
  • The presence of severe pain such as electric flashes along one of the limbs and increases with any movement in the neck or lower back with the inability to walk.
  • When the symptoms are simple and suddenly worsen after a certain movement or sudden effort.
  • The presence of weakness in one of the limbs and the inability to move it or move part of it.

The occurrence of such changes requires a visit to the doctor as soon as possible to avoid complications or other problems.

I wish you safety, health and happiness.

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