Did you know that most knee problems can now be treated with stem cells!

Stem cell therapy and regenerative therapy are among the modern methods that have begun to spread around the world to help patients and injured people overcome their problems.

And for those who suffer from roughness of the joints (especially knee stiffness) and those who suffer from sports injuries or chronic problems such as rheumatoid arthritis (rheumatism) or nonvascular ischemia of the femoral head (the death of the femoral head) and other problems of joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons, where the new methods are considered through treatment Regenerative and regenerative cell injection, which is considered an additional and supportive solution to conventional treatment, as it greatly reduced surgical interventions and patient suffering.

Modern techniques for obtaining stem cells have become easy and accessible to all. And it takes place in outpatient clinics and within an hour only, as we get stem cells from the bone marrow through a simple injection or we extract them from the fat of the abdominal wall through injection and local anesthesia, then we extract the stem cells through a special device for incubation and activation within 30 minutes and they are injected into the patient’s place injury.

These modern technologies have made treatment accessible to everyone, and with some simple training for doctors, all patients can receive treatment, and one of the advantages of this treatment is that there are no complications or problems.

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Dr. Issam Mardini
Consultations orthopedics joints and fractures
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