Five things hurt your feet!

Did you know that there are five things that can cause severe foot pain without you realizing it!

  • First: Shoes and their misuse can cause you a lot of pain, especially tight shoes, or hard shoes such as industrial safety shoes used by workers in factories or in workshops, as well as excessively high heels worn by some women, worn-out sandals, and some types of shoes. Bad sneakers and wet socks.
  • Second: Using public facilities such as swimming pools, public baths, and public toilets, as well as using sandals and walkers in places of ablution, for example, in addition to going to places for nail care in public salons, where some people use tools for all people without sterilization, and all these things may cause you Infections in the foot, as well as bacteria entering cracks in the skin, which in turn causes a lot of pain in the foot.
  • Third: One of the common things that cause foot pain is weight gain, because a lot of pressure on the foot, especially while walking, causes pain in the joints, tendons, and muscles of the foot, especially if there is walking for long periods or sports after a long break with weight gain, which causes pain in the foot. ‏
  • Fourth: Smoking, which is considered one of the common causes of pain in the foot. Some people may be surprised that smoking is part of that, but the truth is that nicotine reduces blood supply and narrows the arteries in the foot, which causes a lot of pain in them. It also causes salt deposition and failure to supply the muscles of the foot with oxygen.
  • Fifth: the presence of problems in the blood circulation such as varicose veins, or insufficiency in the arteries or a large increase in cholesterol, or taking many medications for pressure and heart, all of this affects all the tissues of the foot and causes great pain and discomfort in the foot. ‏

Therefore, if you suffer from pain in your foot and you do not know the cause, please consult a doctor and discuss all these matters with him, and he will guide you to the best treatment.

I wish you lasting health and happiness

And stay safe.

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