get rid of knee pain with simple exercises

Did you know that the best treatment for knee pain is exercise! Yes, knee exercises, where you can do several simple exercises to maintain knee health or to treat knee pain

Of course, before you start practicing these exercises, you must consult your doctor so that he gives you the green light to do so in order not to harm yourself.

As we are always used to before performing any exercises, warm-up exercises must be done in order to prepare the muscles to carry out their tasks and elongate before performing the exercises, as well as in order to stimulate blood circulation and the respiratory system to do the proper job during sports.

Warm-up exercises can be by walking, riding a stationary bike without resistance, or simple jogging with muscle stretching exercises, and this reduces the odds of injury during exercise.

As for knee exercises; They are as follows:

The first exercise: we sit or lie on the ground and leave the leg extended and the knee straight, then pull the instep toward us, raise the leg to 60 or 70 degrees, leave it for 10 seconds at the top, then lower it to the ground level, then raise it again to the same degree, and so on about 10 times. We do this in the legs, whether we do each one separately or we do it in a row. We raise the right leg, then the left leg, and in the end, we can raise both legs together for five movements.

The second exercise: to do the opposite, i.e., lie down on the stomach with the knee extended, then bend the knee back 90 degrees or more, then return it to the ground, then raise it to 90 degrees or more, then return it to the ground, and do that in the knees also with the right leg, then the left leg In order to strengthen the back muscles of the thigh, we can do this about 15 times or 20 times, depending on the ability.

The third exercise: You can use the (stairs threshold) of the first step, as if you are simulating the ascent of the stairs, trying to ascend with your right leg, then descend to the back, then ascend with the left leg, and descend behind, and so you repeat the exercise, ascending and descending for 10 times for each knee. but if that this exercise hurts you, it is preferable not to continue with it, but if the pain is portable, you can continue this exercise for 10 times for each leg, and this also strengthens the front thigh muscles.

The fourth exercise: it is a squatting exercise where you stand erect and then try to squat while you are from the standing position and try to go down as much as possible. If this exercise causes you pain, you should stop doing it, but if you can do it, repeat it for 10 to 15 times, then rest a little.

I wish you lasting health and happiness

And stay safe.

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