cold extremities

Do you know why your hands and feet are cold?

Many people complain of coldness in the upper and lower extremities without knowing the reason for that, but in fact there are many things that lead to this unpleasant feeling, especially in women and the elderly.

One of the most important of these causes is anemia and iron deficiency in the blood, in addition to vitamin B12 deficiency, or it may be due to a thyroid disorder, or some vascular or rheumatic disorders, and sometimes for a reason we may not take into account, such as colds or flu, and kidney patients suffer from Also from coldness in the extremities due to the disturbance of electrolytes in the blood, low blood pressure and lack of perfusion.

There are some other reasons such as malnutrition, diabetes disorder, hormonal disorders such as the pituitary gland, as well as disorders in the nerve endings. Attention should also be paid to the medicines we take, as the mixtures of medicines and their interaction with each other may lead to a feeling of cold extremities.

Although this problem is somewhat annoying to the patient, it does not pose a health risk in itself, but it may be the first symptoms of a latent disease such as diabetes or anemia that may develop for the worse later.

Cold extremities is a common complaint among people, but it is often neglected to deal with it, so pay attention to your health.

Your health matters to us.

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