Health information on the occasion of World Arthritis Day

  • Arthritis – especially in the elderly – increases the chances of falling and exposure to fractures (osteoporotic fractures in particular).
  • Also, joint problems and inflammation are a major cause of movement impediment, joint stiffness, weight gain and stroke rate, in addition to arterial blockage, high pressure and heart disease.

What is the solution to Arthritis ??

I am pleased to tell you that the solution is simple, effective and within everyone’s reach. You only have to adhere to continuous physical therapy, maintain joint movement and strengthen the surrounding muscles.

Because this constitutes a protective shield that protects against most of the problems and diseases I mentioned above, and the most important thing is that this may prevent you from frequent falls.

so continue physical therapy, walking and practicing light sports, even if you do not suffer from joint problems, in order to keep them healthy and strong.

Your health matters to us

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