Ten points maintain the integrity of your back

Ten very important points that help you maintain the integrity of your back, especially in the event of a herniated disc:

  • Try as much as possible to avoid sitting for a long time or on low, unstable sofas, as well as avoid sitting on the floor.
  • Avoid exercises that cause you back pain, and that damage the spine, especially some forward bending exercises, and some yoga exercises that may harm you, and ask someone who specializes in that before doing any of those exercises.
  • Use a special backrest or brace when sitting, especially when driving your car.
  • Avoid bending and twisting the back for any reason, as this may exacerbate your problem.
  • Avoid exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles, as they may be very harmful to the disc.
  • Avoid running on the treadmill or outdoor bike to avoid increasing pressure and vibrations on the disc.
  • Not carrying weights with the back bent forward and kneeling a little instead, with the back straight while carrying the weight if you have to carry a heavy weight, and not doing squatting exercises.
  • Choose a correct sleep method so as not to strain the back, and it is preferable to put a small pillow under the lumbar vertebrae and not sleep on the stomach at all.
  • Avoid bending the back as much as possible, especially at home, for example when using the vacuum cleaner, brushing the teeth, or opening the lower drawers.
  • Avoid jerky movements completely, such as using bumpy roads, horseback riding and jumping uphill such as rope skipping or basketball, or while descending stairs quickly.

Adhering to the doctor’s instructions and taking caution will avoid many complications and unjustified problems.

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