Back pain due to arthritis

Back pain may be persistent for long periods and sometimes respond to treatment, sometimes not, or the response may be uneven. Pain episodes may increase or decrease according to each person’s circumstances, and the patient may also take treatment when the pain disturbs him or prejudices himself and ignores the pain. The pain can be just a temporary discomfort and is likely to be portable and not immobilizing, as tolerance varies from person to person.

But there are some signs that suggest that back pain is often due to back joint inflammation, the most important of which are:

  • The patient should have a history of arthritis in the hands, feet, or any other joints
  • The presence of back muscle pain without justification, injury or fall, for example
  • Having a stiff back, especially after sitting or driving for long periods, and after waking up
  • The pain is more during sleep and becomes very mild or disappears with movement.
  • Feeling pain due to the massage
  • Significant improvement with NSAIDs

Back pain due to rheumatoid arthritis may worry the affected person and may affect the quality of his life and reduce his productivity and efficiency at work. Therefore, a better healthy lifestyle must be followed, especially with regard to healthy sleep, exercise, quality of food and quantities of water. We recommend some important therapeutic steps:

  • Follow your doctor’s instructions
  • the physical treatment
  • Regular light exercise
  • Reducing weight as much as possible
  • Stay away from nervous and psychological pressure
  • Hot compresses and no exposure to cold (conditioning) during sleep
  • Sometimes a back corset may help
  • Do not overexert yourself and avoid carrying weights in the wrong way
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid smoking, alcohol and sugars

Your health matters to us

stay healthy.

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