Tips for the elderly

Unfortunately, many elderly people neglect their health, especially after retirement, for many reasons that may be financial, such as saving themselves some money, for example, or social reasons, such as caring for his family without caring for their own health, or perhaps for personal reasons such as being ashamed to ask for help from their children, and many other reasons, but in The truth is that all of these reasons must be overcome.

I ask you, dear Elder, to:

Maintain a healthy life without much physical effort, stick to moderate exercise (such as walking every day and it is nice to accompany your partner, both of you benefit), keep eating well and enough pure water, and make sure to get enough sleep, and You have to stop smoking immediately, it is easy to become ill if you are a smoker, and therefore you need to maintain your health in good condition and be aware of your medical and physical needs, so be in constant contact with your doctor, and continue to follow up on medical tests and analyzes even though you don’t have any problems.

Your health matters to us

stay healthy.

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