instep pain

“Doctor My instep hurts!”

This is a very common complaint among many people, especially women, and we note that shoes play a major role in increasing this problem and increasing pain, especially shoes with pointed toes and high heels. Obesity also plays a big role in metatarsalgia, as well as some types of sports that require long running or a lot of jumping.

There are many causes, including the compression of the tendons, ligaments and joints at the end of the metatarsal, where the movement moves from the ankle to the toes and bears all the weight of the body at these points. They are not infrequent – stress fractures occur and are very painful, and may not be easily diagnosed.

The treatment is complete rest from 2-3 weeks after the pain occurs and use cold water compresses for 10-15 minutes with the feet raised on a high pillow and a gel or cream from the available anti-inflammatories and then the use of wide shoes, taking into account the placement of a silicone lining Forefoot, arch supports can also be used and stop running or jumping until it heals completely.

If the pain persists for more than 3 weeks, you must visit your doctor, have an x-ray, and adhere to the doctor’s instructions.

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