Children’s home injuries

When children learn to walk, they start dragging things and pulling covers, which leads to some items falling in the house and this may be harmful to them. Especially glass or electrical tools, in addition to accidents falling and hitting some home furniture and exposing them to dizziness or fainting, severe bruising and sometimes fractures. And scattered objects while a child is playing may cause a sprain in the ankle or knee. Or having a wound that exposes him to experiencing pain and seeing blood oozing from the wound.

One of the most serious injuries that must be avoided is burns. Which occurs due to hot drinks such as tea and coffee when they approach the stove fire, or due to the hot water in the bathroom. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the movement of the child, and to keep cups, glassware and vases out of his reach. And any small things that the child may swallow or chew may expose him to suffocation or poisoning.

Take care of your children and their safety

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