Does your child walk on his toes?

Some mothers complain that their children walk on tiptoe. The child does not put the entire foot on the ground while walking, especially in the first months of walking. In such a case, it is necessary to visit your doctor and make sure that your child does not suffer from a problem in the calf tendons, or shortness of the calf muscles, or any neurological problems.

We want to assure you that many children start bearing on their toes, and with time it becomes a habit for them without any physical problems or pathological causes.

I advise you, Madam, to follow the doctor’s instructions, and not to insist on the child to correct his gait because he may be stubborn and insist more on walking on tiptoe. The best way is to completely ignore and not alert the child. After the doctor confirms that your child’s situation completely fine. Do not worry, because the mother’s anxiety is often the one that becomes a problem that needs treatment.

In very few rare cases, the child may need specific treatment, such as placing special molds or surgery to lengthen the Achilles tendon, or perhaps some psychological and neurological treatment, which are very few cases.

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