The importance of daily exercise for the heart and body

In a recent study published in November 2022 in the European Heart Journal, it was found that 10-15 minutes of daily exercise reduces the risk of sudden cardiac death by 36%, and reduces the risk of any heart disease by 35%. The study was conducted on 71,000 people and recorded in Britain.

The study has proven that 10 minutes of abdominal and stomach exercises with the use of a bicycle help improve blood pressure and help the arteries to flatten due to compression and the absence of clots and increase your physical fitness. The same study also proved that exercises reduce the occurrence of inflammation in the body, which thus reduces chronic cancer diseases. Among the most important exercises that are recommended is regular walking, using a bicycle, or light running with some muscle exercises with light weights, even two to three times a week.

It is the argument of lack of time that prevents most people from daily exercise

If you can give ten minutes of your time during exercise and keep the heart rate for more than 120 minutes, this undoubtedly maintains the health of the heart and blood vessels, improves the efficiency of life, and prolongs a healthy life.

And stay safe

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