women back pain

Back pain affects men, women and even children, but there are some special or common cases that may affect women more than men, and I mention here the most important ten reasons:

  • Pain specific to the muscles of the back and spine, the most common of which is (muscular fibrosis)
  • Pain specific to the joints of the spine and spondylitis
  • Back pain arising from pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding
  • There is also spondylolisthesis between the vertebrae, which affects women frequently
  • Sacroiliitis in women is also very common
  • Early osteoporosis that affects women and may lead to early compression fractures and cause excruciating pain
  • Back pain related to menstruation can be very severe
  • An increase in the rates of gallbladder infections in women after forty, as well as infections of the bladder, kidneys and stones, which causes severe pain in the back or flank.
  • There are many pains related to the body during long standing or sitting in the wrong positions or carrying children, especially while doing house tasks or using the phone for long hours, and this often leads to severe pain in the upper or middle back.
  • Numerous, recurring and unexpected injuries to the spine, especially cartilage discs, as a result of repeatedly pushing or pulling pieces of furniture at home, or lifting children, or doing household chores beyond a person’s ability or in a wrong way that causes chronic back pain.

There are many back injuries due to hormonal changes in menopause, especially the erosion of discs, fragility fractures, or muscle weakness with estrogen deficiency during this period, which leads to bone weakness and severe pain in the spine.

Madam, prevention is better than cure, and continuous health awareness must be raised so you don’t expose yourself to the causes of pain.

Your health matters to us

And stay healthy.

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