Did you know that psoriasis is a skin disease that many people suffer from, but it may directly or indirectly affect the joints. And it leads to inflammation, pain, and swelling in the joint that may often hinder the patient from performing his duties.

Psoriatic arthritis can affect all joints in the body, especially the hands, feet and knees. It causes swelling in the fingers, swelling and stiffness during sleep, and affects and distorts the nails. Not to mention skin deformities and localized crusts. It is an immune disease that comes in the form of repeated attacks and sometimes begins at an early age since childhood, lasts for very long periods, and may affect many neck bones and lower back bones, and causes stiffness in general, especially during sleep and cold times, which causes great inconvenience to patients.

If you encounter such symptoms, you must visit your doctor, and he will guide you to the best methods of treatment and prevention.

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