Is osteoporosis fixable?

Osteoporosis is defined as a decrease in the density of bone mass, which makes it susceptible to fracture easily. We know that our bones are a living substance and in a constant equilibrium between construction and destruction. And when we age, the percentage of bone building decreases, and the destruction remains the same, so bone mass decreases with time and we suffer from osteoporosis.

In order to fix this health problem, it is necessary to restore the balance between construction and demolition, by following several steps:

  1. The matter must be rectified before the situation escalates and progresses a lot.
  2. Early detection, especially for women, by checking bone mass periodically after the age of forty every five years.
  3. Doing sports constantly, especially walking, tennis and gym.
  4. Follow a healthy diet, which includes plenty of vegetables, fruits and calcium compounds.
  5. Daily exposure to the sun or taking vitamin D pills.
  6. Completely avoid smoking, carbonated water, alcohol, hydrogenated and processed meat and citrus.
  7. If symptoms of fragility appear, the medications designated for that must be taken.
  8. Avoid gaining weight as much as possible.

Our health is a crown, let us preserve it!

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