Ingrown Nail

It is the growth of the nail within the fleshy tissues (skin), often on the big toe, and it is a very painful condition that causes toe inflammation.

The reasons for it are many, the most important of which is wearing narrow and pointed shoes from the front, or an injury to the finger on the edge of the door, for example, or the leg of the chair, or while playing sports such as football.

In most cases, the treatment is simple by soaking the feet for 20 minutes with warm water and salt or a little apple cider vinegar, wearing comfortable socks and shoes, or open-fronted shoes, and being careful not to hit the toes with any solid or moving objects such as wheelchairs.

If conservative treatment is not found, a simple surgical procedure can be performed to remove the part of the nail that is inside the flesh.

We must note that diabetics may quickly deteriorate their condition and spread inflammation in the feet. It is necessary to consult a doctor quickly and not wait until he can put his hand on the condition and treat it in the best ways and methods.

The surgeon may resort to removing the entire nail in some cases, especially in children, and this may lead to deformation of the nail.

Please see a doctor if you suspect that you have an ingrown toenail and follow his instructions so that you get the best result and you all stay safe.

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